This month I was invited to write an article on corporate headshots for Professional Photo magazine, a leading monthly magazine for professional photographers.

What was originally penned as a short article turned into a four page spread on how to enter the corporate headshots market and deliver an outstanding service that clients will appreciate.

Corporate Headshot Photographer Magazine

In the article, I talk about delivering excellent portrait photography and headshot images for a corporate client and how this means understanding the branding and marketing requirements of that particular client.

For my own clients, I’m instructed to solve an issue they are facing. That issue might be to produce corporate headshots that show the high-levels of reliability or the trustworthiness of their staff members, through to capturing that particular client’s mix of fun and creativity in the work they produce.

If you require assistance with your company’s headshots, please don’t hesitate to get in touch about my refreshing approach to delivering images that work for you.