Phoebe Smith, Wanderlust Travel Magazine Editor and author gave a talk for Inspire Your Adventure on Extreme Sleeps and Wild Nights in Paddington this month.

Here are some teaser photos of the event…

Hugging and event photography

Event Photograph of Book

Event Photographer London

Laughing and event photographer

Phoebe Smith talk at IYA

Phoebe likes to sleep wild – from caves to mountain tops, disused farmsteads and under giant boulders – if it’s in a wild place she wants to take a sleeping bag (and pillow) and experience a wild night out. She’s eager than ever to prove that you don’t need to be a superhuman to have an adventure and is adamant that wilderness still exists here in the UK.

In this talk Phoebe showed how you can make the most of your weekends, unlocking some of the best places to wild camp. She had the audience reaching for their bivvy bags as she recounted her ‘Extreme Sleeps Challenge’ in which she became the first woman to sleep solo at the extreme points of mainland Britain.

More photos to follow on the Inspire Your Adventure Facebook Page.

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