I’m very proud to have been awarded 1st place by Digital Photographer magazine’s expert judges in the Creative Portraits competition hosted on Photocrowd.com.

The brief: Great creative portraits utilise artistic elements and imaginative techniques to give the viewer some insight into the subject’s character and inner life. Go beyond the basics of portraiture and show off your unique photographic style in this challenge. 

The image was captured with my GoPro and the iPhone app on a golfing holiday in Portugal with my buddy Charles.

The judges’ said:

Captured by placing a GoPro in a golf hole and firing the shutter via an iPhone app – this image is pure genius. Not only is the composition creative, but the method used to shoot it shows a high level of ingenuity too. The edge of the hole guides the viewer’s eye around the picture and draws focus to the central figure, and the alternative perspective adds to the overall effect. One of the things that makes this image so impressive is that on first glance it could easily be a comp and the fact that is isn’t makes it all the more exciting.

Looking forward to being published in Digital Photographer magazine shortly!